Mythic Dragons, Heroic Helya Defeated

The patch was good to us.  (Well, most of us.)  In one night we one-shot the two fights we’d spent time working on previously and now have two new kills under our belt–Mythic Dragons and Heroic Helya.  The Tree is next.

We plan to spend time progressing as much as possible in EN and ToV until Nighthold’s release.

The continuous grind for AP and the randomness of legendary acquisition has made spec and class changes an arduous grind at best, for those with the time and willpower, and a hopeless impossibility at worst.  At times it seems if you didn’t pick a main and stick to it, sinking all your AP and time into that one spec, you are screwed five ways to Sunday if you find yourself unhappy with how your spec is handling.  We have seen a lot of player attrition in our guild and nearly everyone quitting the game has cited the never-ending grind as being the reason for their disillusionment.  Some make the hard choice of walking away because their unhappiness with the current state of the game cannot overcome the excitement of downing new content and enjoyment of raiding with friends.  That’s some major disappointment, right there, for everyone involved.

Sitting here writing this, I can immediately think of five good players we’ve lost since raiding began this expansion, all because of the reasons cited above.  There are many great things about Legion and there are also some very high barriers overcome only by grinding on the AP hamster wheel and praying to the Old Gods for desirable legendary drops.  I count myself as extremely fortunate in some ways, as I’ve been mostly happy with my chosen spec and was extremely lucky to get the two BiS legendaries I have.  I can imagine the despair of realizing you hate the spec you’ve dumped most of your AP into and the long, hard climb just to get back to where you were if you decide to switch specs or even classes.

We found ourselves going from an overflowing roster, suspending all recruiting, to having holes to fill left behind by disenchanted and frustrated players, due to the state of the game right now.  We are recruiting.  We will continue to raid and have fun and progress.  Thanks to all our raiders who have held on and stuck it out, showing up reliably day after day.  You guys are what make this all worth it.